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by Elect March 17, 2020
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Are you a new influencer on the market? Are you trying to make some extra money through your social media appearance? Have you ever heard about Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of making money online and it’s still flourishing, because of the profits it offers small-scale influencers, internet entrepreneurs.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

  • Basically affiliate marketing is you promoting another company’s products through your tools, like your website, social media, blogs or any other marketing channels you use.
  • When a customer wants to buy the product because of you, they click on the link you have promoted them and it sends them to your affiliate partner’s website. The link is connected with you directly and tracked down, so you can get the income for any customeryou send.
  • Your profit is the commission you get for every product you sell or for every customer you bring. The commissions usually are from 5% up to 25%, sometimes even more: it depends on the product or the company.

You may think that getting a small commission of a sale it’s not enough or it’s not worth your time but if you start sending hundreds of clients each week your income adds up every day even more. Especially since this is a way of earning money with low cost or without costs at all.

Affiliate Agreements

When you work as an affiliate for another company is best to have a written contract for this collaboration you are about to do and this is exactly what an affiliate agreement is. This agreement includes:

  • Which are the circumstances under which both parties can terminate the agreement?
  • How long is going to last or what is the relationship between the parties?
  • What are the full responsibilities of the affiliate?
  • What are the restrictions on the affiliate’s use of promoting materials?
  • What happens if one of the parties files for bankruptcy?

These are some of the topics that Must be included on the affiliate agreement, so in this way you can be safe from everything that might happen during this collaboration.

The Secret for the Affiliate Marketing Success

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The catch on being successful on this type of business is finding the right product. There are a lot of companies that are looking for affiliates, but this doesn’t mean you should pick randomly the product you are going to promote. No, you should analyze the market and see which products are more required and trending. Some of the places you can start searching are:

  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. What types of products are more “hot”?
  • What’s on the news, what are people talking about?
  • In big sites like Ebay, Amazon, Ali Express: what are the best-selling products?

The more rumor a product has the better is for you, more buzz about the product, more sales and profit.

Now you have a picture of what affiliation means and how it works. At the beginning it may seem a little difficult but if you take one step at the time you can achieve it. You can start each day by doing a small task for your business and eventually you will start seeing the difference and the growth.

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