Why SEO is a MUST for Your Business to Grow

by Elect March 17, 2020
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What is SEO and why suddenly SEO is so important for your business to grow? I guess that everybody knows by now that SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Every big company uses SEO as one of their tools for marketing. They have proven that SEO is very successful and is superior from the other ways of marketing, because it creates organic traffic on your page.

Put differently, SEO requires making some changes in your website’s content, to make the website more appealing to the search engine. In this way, the search engine will put your website as one of the top results on the search engine result page. SEO is simple and yet quiet complex, because there is a variety of components that impact your ranking and for that reason it is important to have a professional SEO specialist. That’s why we as Elect Agency spend a lot of time crafting and developing our SEO skills.

With years of experience as SEO specialists, we try and find new and faster ways to boost your ranking on search engines through SEO. Simply put search engines will search, or scan different websites to understand better what the site is about. That’s why the results on top of engine pages are not only high quality, but also what the searcher wants to read.

Benefits of SEO to Your Business

Differently from other types of marketing SEO doesn’t stop when you stop spending money on it.

After optimizing a page with SEO, it will automatically increase in an organic way the visibility of your web page or website on the result page of the search engine. Some of the pros of SEO are listed below:

1. More Traffic
2. More Business Growth
3. More Leads
4. More Revenue
5. More Brand Awareness
6. More User Experience
7. More Trust
8. More  Authority

As you can see SEO makes your page visible to potential clients or visitor without appearing like a paid ads that we see everywhere, but as a result of their search on the searching engines. This is one of the best ways to raise more brand awareness for your business and create authority and trust between your business and the searcher.

3 Types of SEO

SEO is a complex algorithm that requires editing, or adding content, modifying HTML and sometimes the code that is related with the HTML, to increase the relevance of specific keywords. There are three types of SEO that achieve that organic relevance you are looking for.

  1. On page SEO that includes:
  • Keyword research: Discovering the best keywords to target the page content.
  • Content creation: Creating high quality content focused on target keywords.
  1. Technical SEO related to non-content components:
  • Site speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Indexing
  1. Off page SEO relates to high quality backlinks:
  • Strengthen the relationship your website has with other web pages.
  • Builds reputation and authority.

To create a SEO plan that leads to an effective result you need to focus and develop the three types of SEO. As you could see SEO is a very important feature that elevates your business. To create your one SEO strategy contact us, Elect Web Agency and we will find the best SEO plan for your business to grow naturally and fast.

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