Why web design is so important in e-commerce?

by Elect May 02, 2020
ecommerce web design

In the business world, having an e-commerce website is essential if you want to be successful and a good web design can MAKE or BREAKE the business. The rise of e-commerce industry is so big that is making some of the largest and known stores to start off with an e-commerce store or completely switch to it.

One of the most important assets of e-commerce stores is a well optimized site that permits costumers to search and buy the products they need in just a few clicks through their smartphone screen.

Responsive web design is a MUST, you need to be able to offer a standardized online shopping experience for all costumers, despite of their screen size or operating system.

In order to highlight the importance of the web design for an e-commerce store, we have created a listing to have a better understanding  on why is very important to have a well optimized e-commerce.


The growth of mobile users

At the moment, the number of mobile users is rising more and more, 51,12% of global web traffic is generated from mobile devices. This is a rising trend because only last year was 48%. This pays of all the effort companies have been putting on making websites mobile friendly, which is crucial for e-commerce business. While creating an e-commerce website has never been more easy, building a successful business requires some effort. This is why is important on finding a good company that can understand your business needs and can elevate your e-commerce site game. Elect web agency offers new tools and new strategy to improve and make your site more responsive.

Online shopping on mobile devices


responsive ecommerce design

Did you know that almost half of mobile users are online shoppers? According to Statista, which is one of the biggest online portals for statistics, 1.7 billion people around the globe used online shops to buy goods. According to the same source, 2.15 billion people are expected to purchase numerous goods online by the year 2021. What does this mean for e-commerce businesses and online retailers?

It is clear that e-commerce businesses have to be able to meet their customer’s demand and improve their shopping experience. So, in a few words, responsive design is not a recommendation, it’s a must. In this way, you will have satisfied customers and the chance of losing them to the competition will decrease.

Why search engines favor responsive designs

Major internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing favor websites that are designed for mobiles and are very responsive. They do that because these websites put user experience first and, as it’s said above, the number of mobile users is growing every day.

Fast and easy to use are the main changes that a responsive web design brings to your costumers.

User experience

We mentioned online shopping experience several times, but how can really a responsive design improve it?

Responsive web design takes every element in your site’s layout and makes it easier and more enjoyable for all users, including mobile ones. For example, a hamburger menu is added instead of your desktop navigation bar, to avoid small buttons. The size of the text, even thatof the input fields, get adjusted to the size of the screen. All these things may seem little but when you add them up, they deliver the ultimate user experience.


The list of why a good web design is a MUST can go on and on, but hopefully this was enough to convey the importance of web design on e-commerce business. With the rising of online shoppers, a responsive and mobile-ready design is the next step online retailers need to focus on. Elect web agency will improve your customer’s user experience and ultimately increase conversion rates. For more information, you can visit our site elect.al

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