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by Elect April 13, 2020
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Social media marketing is the newest form of marketing which is overshadowing the other existing forms. Why companies and businesses choose to spend big amounts for social media marketing? Business used to share their content on social media platforms to generate traffic and hopefully, new sales. But now social media has evolved far more than just a place to broadcast content. Social media gives you numerous ways to monitor your clients and understand what they like more, or what product is under performing, for example by doing social media listening and engagement or by using analytics tools. Businesses that want to reach new audiences would run highly-targeted social media ads.  These are known different as social media management.

Five key elements of social media marketing

Social Media Strategy

The Strategy

Before you start publishing in social media is important to think which is going to be your social media strategy. What are you trying to achieve? What are your business goals? Some companies use social media to generate more traffic to their websites and sales, other use it to raise brand awareness.

What type of content you want your audience to reach? What attracts them more? Links, videos, pictures? To answer these questions at the beginning you can create a marketing persona, which latter can be changed according to how your social media posts perfom.

Which platforms do you want to focus on? There are various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat , Youtube and a lot upcoming platforms. But at the beginning it is better to be on just a few, where you think your audience is more on, than to spread on every platform.


To publish in social media is as simple as putting up a blog post. It’s exactly like how would you share on your personal Instagram page. But you have to be consistent, plan your posts ahead of time and post frequently. It’s important to publish interesting and captive content that your audience likes.


When you have a consistent presence on social media your audience grows and automatically the conversation about your brand increases. Some people will comment under your post, some others will tag you on their social media or will message you directly. People also may talk on social media about your brand without even letting you know. You can try to track the manually by reading every comment, but is best to use social media listening and engagement tools.


Once you start publishing on your social media you will want to know how your social media marketing is working. Is your audience expanding? Are you reaching more people than last week? Social medias now provide a basic level of this information, but for a better understanding is best to use social media analytics tools.


Once you create your social media personal, you can start using social media ads that connect you with a wider audience than those who are already following you. These ads are so powerful that you can specify exactly who to show your ads to. You can choose their age, interests, demography and more.

As you can see, social media marketing allows you to raise brand awareness, create new and specific audiences. Social medias are evolving every day and gaining superiority over other marketing forms that’s why is important to start creating a social media persona and audience.

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