The Rising of Local SEO

by Elect May 01, 2020
Local Seo Strategy - Elect

Local SEO means local search engine optimization, this is a strategy that makes your business more visible in local search results on Google. Every business that has a physical location or offers services in a specific geographic area can benefit from local SEO.

As you may have seen, when you search on Google any keyword that is related for example with your business, a map with three listings appears underneath it. That is also known as a map pack and shows the businesses that are near you with the keyword that you used, this happens only because of the power of local SEO.

The pattern of local SEO

After analyzing trillions of search from users, Google found out that users seek certain business needs near their area. Now Google’s search algorithm includes a proximity factor: this means that Google takes your location into account when you search, even when you don’t put a city name or near me in the research.

If you are in the house and want to order a pizza you can write as a keyword ‘’pizza delivery’’ and you will see that Google will show a list of pizza places near your house.

But if you try the same search at a different location for example at work or at a friend’s house you will get an entirely different result and this makes sense because now you need the pizza delivered somewhere else.

Local search has been around for quiet some times, but has been limited due to people using their desktop computers. Now, with the growth of mobile internet, mobile search is in its peak. So local SEO now has become a very important tool for any business that wants to offer their services to a larger audience. That is why is important to have a well experienced team to help you with the local SEO strategy and Elect has the best SEO specialists known in Tirana, Albania.

How to show up on local seo

Local search map pack has a different algorithm from the main Google search. As a business you have the chance to appear within both the local map pack and the main organic search results at the same time. In this way you raise your brand name and create brand authority.  Local SEO is one form of organic marketing and if you are new to this marketing, one of the main challenges is to know that you should focus on it and make efforts so you can benefit from it as much as possible.

Elect web company offers the best seo specialists that can help your business website create the right seo and local seo strategy, ranking your business on top of the main google search and of the map pack.

Website content is one of the other main factors that helps your business show up in the google traditional search algorithm. That’s why Elect curates your local Seo strategy in every detail so your business can have the ultimate strategy.

Start using SEO

Now that you have a solid idea on how Google ranks local search results, you can start thinking on how to optimize your presence online and leave your site’s digital footprint. In this way your business can show up higher on the results page and lead you to new and potential customers. There are many ways and many factors that impact your visibility in these google searches, but it’s important to keep in mind that local search continues to grow every day. To keep up with the changes you can refer to Elect web agency  surveys to form your local strategy.

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