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by Elect April 25, 2020
Best cms platforms -Elect

Nowadays, building a website for your business to strengthen the online presence is mandatory. Are you looking for the right CMS platform to use for creating your website?  To do that, one of the most important things is to decide a suitable, scalable CMS platform. There are a lot of CMS platforms for your needed website design and development services. First thing to do is to choose the  CMS that depends on your business goals and requirements. Is important to choose the right CMS whether you need to create a blog, a portal, an attractive eCommerce website to grow your business sales or anything else to enhance your online presence.

What is a CMS Platform?

A CMS is an important piece of software, considering that half of the online sites have a CMS. So what is actually a CMS?

CMS stands for content management system. It is a software that helps users create and manage the content of the website without the need for specialized programming knowledge. If you are looking for creating a website and managing it later without the help of a web developer, a CMS is the right choice. The CMS is easy to manage and let you focus on creating remarkable content that results in more conversions and leads.

Top Open Source CMS Platforms


WordPress is an online open source website development tool. Is the most used platform which offers you the flexibility to build any kind of website such as blogs, portals and ecommerce websites. Worpdress provides high quality sites, with good support and security. It is also designed for search engine optimization SEO, and offers different Seo plugins.


Magento is a CMS platform specially used in developing e-commerce websites. Magento offers a full-range of powerful features such as marketing features, search engine optimization and product-management tools.


Joomla CMS platform is an open-source platform used to build sites. Joomla is really an ideal CMS platform,  it is so easy to use that your web developer can quickly build sites.


WooCommerce is one of the most used ecommerce platforms in the world. WooCommerce is a really flexible and easy to manage CMS platform, even though it runs as a plugin on WordPress.

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